Backup S3 into zip files

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zip-my-buckets | S3 backup tool

S3 Backup and restore utility

Requires Python >= 3.0 and AWS CLI.

usage: [-h] --run {backup,restore} --table-name
                                  TABLE_NAME [--archive ARCHIVE] --profile
                                  PROFILE [--timeout TIMEOUT]
                                  [--region-name REGION_NAME]
                                  [--with-endpoint WITH_ENDPOINT]

s3 Backup Restore Tool

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --run {backup,restore}
                        Specify the operation to perform
  --table-name TABLE_NAME
                        Provide table name to backup/restore
  --archive ARCHIVE     When operating in restore mode: absolute path to zip
                        file to restore
  --profile PROFILE     AWS profile authorization
  --timeout TIMEOUT     Timeout
  --region-name REGION_NAME
                        AWS region name
  --with-endpoint WITH_ENDPOINT
                        Optional: Dynamodb URL endpoint

1.1.1 Create a zip file from given bucket name
python --run backup --bucket-name 001 --profile default 

1.1.2 Create a zip file from given bucket name (s3 localhost instance)
python --run backup --bucket-name 001 --with-endpoint http://localhost:4572 --profile default
1.1.3 Restore a zip file into given bucket name
python --run restore --archive --bucket-name 001 --profile default