Cloud Computing: Hands on experiences

For over the last year I have been actively working in projects whose infrastructure and services are supported by AWS therefore I have experienced first hand the pros and cons on Cloud Computing and had compared them with my previous work experience provisioning and monitoring complete application stacks. The following bullets somehow recap such experiences and learned lessons; although is a short list to me describe some challenges developers would face when stepping into Cloud Computing.

  • Infrastructure as Code is foundational to understand what cloud computing could bring to software is industry.
  • In terms of Cloud Computing designing and launching cost efectiveness applications is one of the most valuable engineering skills.
  • In terms of security Cloud Providers offers a whole arsenal of tools that allow business to exchange data securely but it does not mean that engineers would not work toward a mitigation plan and risk assessment for their businesss.
  • Containers are everywhere; if not familiar on how they work and how you can orchestrate containers to vertical scale applications have a good look at docker.
  • Concepts like notification fanout, at least once principle, blue & green deployments, on spot instances, orchestration, elastic computing and autoscaling resources; all these concepts work together and are considered cornerstone of cloud computing.
  • Learn the why and how cloud computing works before start memorizing a bunch of SDK; they would change over the time but the principle of cloud computing remains.

Jaziel Lopez
Experienced Software Engineer
Tijuana Area, BC. Mexico