Jaziel Lopez

Communication effective during lock down

I have a thought I'd like to share now that we are locked down due to pandemic about the importance of being better to work remotely.

As a matter of fact, being remote feels quite familiar to me; for several years I was freelancing from home and the first thing I'd like to share with you is the importance of creating a work environment you feel comfortable to work with. From my previous experience working remotely I remember myself running room adaptions to one of the living rooms to make it a work place that it felt as a real office.

Then it comes the communication; that's something that has changed a lot in my perspective. A years ago before the scrum teams, an engineer used to appear in the mornings to share a few comments, resolve soem questions and then shut him off for the rest of the day. I feel that way of work had changed with the scrum teams - one of the things I enjoy when I work with a team is the constant communication in resolving questions and building solutions together.

The way on how we communicate our questions and ideas also have changed; whether before we had email and simple based-text messaging clients, now it is possible to broadcast yourself using differents streams as your web cam, share your desktop and more. This is good oportunity for us to grow up on this important soft skill and to make it better.

Being open and communicative is a game changer for software engineers: I invite you to think if the way you communicate yourself with your team - or your customers - during the pandemic era can be improved by using any of new technologies out there. Are you being constant available to your team - or your customer - when they come to you with questions? Is it easy for you to reach your team when you have a question or you to have to wait for them until they come up online? If thats the case there is a good area of oportunity to change and improve yourself and help others to do so.

Remote work office due to pandemic offers a great deal of oportunit to grow up communication soft skills