About me

Hello and welcome, I'm software engineer based on Tijuana Area, BC , Mexico. 38 years old, mexican and I've been working in IT industry since 2006: began as LAMP stack developer, cloud & devops engineer. I'm an ocassional speaker at local conferences and enjoy mentoring.

I also enjoy spending time with some of my fellow engineers I am mentoring in operating systems, test driven development, IT security and cloud engineeering. If you are interested on any of these topics do not hesitate to get in touch. I am happy to help others grow up their careers.

Over the past years I've worked for a number of companies onsite and offsite and as a freelancer and software consultant. Lately I have been actively working for Thermofisher developing software for science.

I've created this website to share my work experience, side projects and other resources that I believe useful for software engineers out there.

This website is constantly under updates so check it out from time to time for new content.


TJ Area BC MX September 2021

I've pushed a customized python 3.9 docker image slim with some niceties such as Kong API Gateway Deck binary. See details at https://hub.docker.com/repository/docker/jlopezmx/python3.9-slim

TJ Area BC MX August 2021

I've started a series of updates to an article it would like ended up entitled from html to mobile on which I will be outlining the steps required to create a mobile application from HTML/JS/CSS stack application. I will keep updating the posts you can find in my github public repository located at this link.



Automation Jenkins using Python

Learn how to manage jenkins job remotely using python. Automate your CI/CD with this material

Incident Response Plan Importance

Do you know what is an incident report plan? Did you know organizations should have a plan to mitigate data leak and be able to contain the issue?. See the video for more info on this


Example of CLI utility AWS Rotation Keys

Example of CLI utility AWS Rotation Keys

Example of CLI utility AWS Rotation Keys